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This is where you select the listing the best fits your offering. For instance, “Place” listings are for things like businesses that have a permanent location whereas “Activity” listings are for things people should do. 

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Types of Listings

No matter what type of listing you create, you can use categories and tags to help people discover it no matter how they search for it.


Place listings are for businesses and destinations. They should be permanent destinations. 


Activities are routine things a person could do in the area.  Activities can be paid, like a painting class or wine tasting workshop, or free like a hike up Old Rag or scenic drive.


Collections are groups of places, activities, and events that go together. Things like a trip itinerary, a list of vineyards, or a group or farmer markets. 


Events are upcoming


Opportunities for jobs, internships, etc. within Rappahannock County or within an acceptable commute. 

Real Estate

Rental opportunities, homes for sale, etc. within Rappahannock County or an acceptable commute.


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